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Mr Sketch is a premium quality brand of scented markers made by Sanford in the United States. First introduced in the early 1970's, Mr Sketch Markers remain extremely popular today with children, teachers and training professionals alike!

Mr Sketch Scented Markers offer fun, bright, non-toxic, water-based colours, each one with it's own fragrance, are safe and delightful to use. The broad chisel tips retain their shape even after months of use. Ideal as a non-penetrating flipchart marker, it will not bleed through paper.

Mr Sketch Markers are available in 12 colours (fragrances). Black is Licorice, Red is Wild Cherry, Blue is Blueberry, Green is Mint, Yellow is Lemon, Orange is Orange, Brown is Cinnamon, Purple is Grape, Pink is Melon, Turquoise is Mango, Magenta is Raspberry and Dark Green is Apple.

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Mr Sketch Scented Markers
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